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Are you insured? Yes, we maintain Liability Coverage as required and Worker's Compensation Insurances as mandated by law. We also carry all necessary licensing and certificates.

How often should I have my chimney serviced? The recommended cleaning / inspection interval is annually. If you burn often, have a woodstove which is throttled down at night or burn unseasoned / store-bought logs, have your system checked at least twice per year.

How often should I have my Dryer Vent cleaned? Dryer Vents and Ducts should be cleaned annually. If you notice a typical load taking more time than is expected, call us for an inspection or cleaning.

How often should I have my heating system's ductwork cleaned? We recommend cleaning these systems as follows: Any new home to remove construction contaminates; Any home that has never had the ducts cleaned; all homes about every 4-5 years.

Do you offer repairs? Yes. We only recommend necessary services and perform them as efficiently as possible to keep your costs manageable.

Do I need to change my heater's filter? Absoutely! You breathe the air coming from your heater vents. Pet dander, dust mites, dirt, pollens and other particulates are reduced by using filters. Use the highest quality filter you can afford and change it often (once per month of use). If a washable, permanent filter is used, cleaning it once per month will maintain your indoor air quality.

I am buying a new home. Do you offer inspections without the cleaning? Yes, if the system is clean. If we cannot see the surfaces due to soot (chimneys), lint (dryer vents) or dirt / mold (air ducts) then we must clean the system in order to provide the inspection. Inspections are paid at time of service, not through escrow.

What type of wood should I burn? Seasoned (dry) hardwoods are best. Do not burn damp or freshly cut wood. Avoid store bought packaged logs, unless you are prepared to have your chimney serviced several times per year. Never burn trash or junk mail! Recycle your paper.

My fireplace smokes. / My fireplace smells smoky. Can you help? We welcome the opportunity to solve drafting and smoke issues. Call for a consultation - our scheduling staff has spent countless hours in the field and is ready to help.

Our dryer takes a lot longer to dry a load. Why? Assuming the heating unit in the dryer is functioning (does the dryer top surface feel warm after a few minutes of operation?), the duct may be experiencing a build-up of lint. This is normal and happens gradually so it is not an obvious occurance. If you notice the dry time is increased, have it cleaned immediately. Otherwise, annual inspections are sufficient in most cases.

I hear rodents in my heating ducts. What should I do? Do not use your system. The droppings from rodents contain viruses that can make you sick when breathed. Call us - we will use our video inspection equipment to assess the situation and either remedy it or make recommendations.

I have a 'cold' room and think my heater is not working properly. Now what? If your system heats/cools the rest of the house, the culprit is likely a disconnected or damaged duct. We can repair or replace when cleaning your system. We will provide a quote for your approval before doing any additional work.